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American Sales

Solar Panel Bag US

We have been shipping bags to the US in the last quarter of 2013 and this has been made possible by the great rates that UPS is able to offered and the speedy service delivered.  The rates for California make the bags competitive for the US Solar PV market.  The exchange rate is not that good, but we are still selling our products to the US with the current rates. There isn’t a solar panel lifting bag with delivery to […]

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Panel bags in stock

OK, OK, OK, so I’ve been saying that the bags are made to order here in Ipswich and that’s true – If you want a budget bag or professional in Blue or Green you will still have to wait 3-4 working days for it to be made… but red are now IN STOCK! So, we do have both the £149 (Lite) and £249 (Padded) bags here in stock in red for you. This has come about as I have been getting calls from […]

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Budget Solar Panel Bag

It’s been a very exiting week for the solar panel lifting bag here in Ipswich as its sister project, the UK solar survey app has been submitted to Google as well as a budget solar panel bag being made at a cheaper rate than the luxury bag. The UK solar survey iPhone app is now in California’s hands waiting for approval and release to iTunes.  The website for interest has a registration button on the site has been live for […]

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Solar Panel Bag Sales

Sales of the Solar Panel Lifting Bag have been going very well and every one is happy with the results from the feedback received.  A few installers have promised to leave reviews but not done so yet.  I guess that seeing how 300 new MCS installers are registering with MCS every week there must be a demand for PV and everyone is very busy. We are very happy with the UKMail Business Post Service and only one bag has had […]

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Registering Panel Bags

I have made the progression of listing the Lifting-Bag web site with the review sites and listing companies to keep the product on the 1st page of Google and this is working well.  I had an add up of just how many bags we have sold and its been brilliant and I thank everyone for buying the solar panel lifting bag over the last month or so. It’s also reassuring to get the bulk trade orders and I have been […]

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Sales Are Successful

I have been receiving orders and sending the panel bags to customers all over the UK and its great. The split between people buying online with the shopping cart is 50/50 compared to purchase orders with BACS.  No one hasn’t been able to pay by BACS and had to send a cheque (as yet) so I haven’t had to jump on the bike and pay any cheques in at the bank (cheques are dated and time consuming) UK Mail Business Post have […]

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You can buy the solar panel bag online NOW!

Well that’s it – the solar panel bag for lifting your solar panels on the roof of your solar installation is now for sale for delivery to the UK mainland with orders already secured for delivery next week!. I am very happy with the results of the photo’s and test on site last week with the solar installer being very happy with the bag, how it works and the quality.  The installer did have the 1st prototype that he was using but […]

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Bags for Sale!

I have finally been to site and tested the bag and I agree that it is as ready for sale as does the fitter on site himself too! Both the MCS installer, the electrician on site as well as the two roofers all agree it’s a safer, secure, stable way to avoid damage to panel, person and roof! I will be adding the panel bag images over the next two days, moving in to the office Monday, taking calls for […]

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