Bespoke made to order, or standard 1700mm x 960mm stock solar panel lifting bags for the UK solar panel installer.

Truly bespoke, and odd sized bags for lifting.

We have always the option for you to buy standard sizes and bespoke solar panel bags on-line. We do have people asking us to make lifting bags for off-shore wind farms and construction sites - for lifting under the cranes. 

While we never got to make a slip sheet for dragging cows out of the mud, we have been asked!

If you have the need for something similar to what we sell, we really do hand make them here in Suffolk and we can even arrange for the LOLER (The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) testing and certification to be done before dispatch.

A drawing of what you need is normally a good start, so please contact us to find out how much, how soon, and ho fast we can deliver your truly bespoke need.

Loft access removal and storage access the loft hatch bag